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Direct Mail

CLIENT: Gastown Investment 21 (Through McMillan)

SERVICE: Concept, Copywriting

THE BRIEF: Gastown Investment 21 needed to attract tenants to its partially vacant office and retail building. While at McMillan, McNamara helped develop and write an integrated direct mail campaign targeting commercial real estate agents. The hook was a pedometer and brochure that was mailed to the agents outlining the significant number of "steps" residents currently had to take to attain even the most basic services. The reveal was a landing page explaining the leasing opportunity. A follow up direct mail letter fleshed out the offer. Additional campaign elements included banner ads, print ads and a viral YouTube video. Within one week of the direct mail release, the client recorded a "flood of calls" from agents, homepage visits spiked up, and more than 1000 people had viewed the video. Within three months, the building was completely leased, prompting the client to create the first waiting list in its 30-year history. All of this was accomplished on a very tight schedule and modest budget.

CLIENT: CA (Through McMillan)

SERVICE: Concept, Copywriting

THE BRIEF: One of the world's largest software companies, CA wanted to attract qualified leads to its new enterprise software solution, Clarity. Working with McMillan, McNamara concieved and wrote the "Visibility+Insight=Clarity" direct mail campaign. This segmented, multi-stage direct response campaign included brochures, letters, postcards, emails, and landing pages. In addition to significantly raising Clarity's awareness among the business-to-business target audience, the client received an award for most outstanding marketing campaign.

More samples available, call or email for details.