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Case Studies

CLIENT: Oracle (through McMillan)

SERVICE: Copywriting

THE BRIEF: Oracle uses case studies to ensure prospective customers clearly understand the value to current customers. Each case study must follow strict brand and messaging guidelines, while clearly articulating the customer benefits and business results. Working through McMillan, McNamara wrote over a half dozen case studies, one of which was selected for inclusion in Oracle Magazine, an internationally distributed monthly.


SERVICE: Copywriting

THE BRIEF: BCcampus, a government-administered online educational portal, wanted to attract more attention and applicants to its post-secondary course development program. McNamara wrote six case studies, each highlighting a different course in the program. The stories were written in a informal conversational style, and highlighted the unique challenges of course instructors and how they met them. The subsequent attention and media publicity generated by these case studies enabled BCcampus to meet its development goals ahead of schedule and on budget.

CLIENT: Blast Radius

SERVICE: Copywriting

THE BRIEF: Over a period of one year, Blast Radius contracted McNamara Communications to write marketing materials, including this case study with Renault Trucks. The case study outlines the benefits of Blast Radius's software product XMetaL, and the business results achieved. McNamara worked closely with with a third party software vendor, who was based in Europe, to understand the customer pain points and ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.