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Corporate and Product Brochures


SERVICE: Brand Strategy, Concept, Copywriting

THE BRIEF: RoofRoc manufacturers and sells unique synthetic roofing tiles that mirror the look and feel of real slate and cedar shake. A young company with an aggressive growth strategy, RoofRoc wanted to shift its messaging from purely functional benefits to highlight the strong environmental qualities and superior performance characteristics of its products. Working with an independent designer, McNamara Communications revamped RoofRoc's brand messaging and rewrote its brochure, positioning the company as a supplier of premium, eco-friendly roofing solutions for various target markets. The project was completed on a tight timeline and modest budget.

CLIENT: Cellex Power Products

SERVICE: Copywriting

THE BRIEF: Cellex, a fuel cell start-up, approached McNamara Communications to rewrite its corporate brochure in terms that would be accessible to investors (as well as customers). In response, McNamara clarified the company's value proposition, sharpened the benefits, and simplified the language. The brochure copy was then repurposed for a variety of marketing communications vehicles, including web content, fact sheets and sales presentations. McNamara Communications went on to overhaul the company website from top to bottom. Cellex achieved its ultimate success when it was purchased by Plug Power, a US-based fuel cell manufacturer, for $45 million.

CLIENT: Argus Technologies

SERVICE: Brand Strategy, Copywriting

THE BRIEF: Argus Technologies wanted to update its corporate brand to attract more international customers. This corporate brochure was part of a major brand overhaul that refreshed everything from the company website to advertising to product packaging. After interviewing customers and sales reps, McNamara developed new taglines, messages and copy to address customer pain points. Sales staff were delighted with the new look and feel of the brochure, as well as the clearly articulated product benefits. Over the next five years, Argus used its revitalized brand and new marketing tools to expand into European and Asian markets, increasing revenues by 310 percent. Today, Argus remains one of the world's leading producers of communications power products.

CLIENT: Barracudas Hockey Club

SERVICE: Marketing Strategy, Concept, Copywriting

THE BRIEF: The Meadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey Association, home of the legendary Barracudas, needed to recruit a new generation of girls to replace older girls who were exiting the league. Recognizing that parents played an important role in the decision to join a hockey team, McNamara developed a concept that focused on fun and friendship, an appeal to young girls and parents alike. Taking into account the modest budget, the mailer doubled as a poster for display in arenas, movie theatres and other places in which young girls gathered. The "Play Like a Girl" theme was a huge hit, resulting in an unprecedented number of new sign-ups.

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