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Team Bios

Tom McNamara

Tom McNamara is a marketing consultant, website architect, ad copywriter and content strategist with more than 15 years of experience.

With a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University, Tom excels at producing lead-pulling marketing materials ranging from websites, ads and direct response mailers to videos, case studies and more.

A creative and versatile copywriter, Tom's work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications, including the Vancouver Sun and Toronto Star. He has worked as an award-winning copywriter at creative agencies such as McMillan and Blast Radius, and as a marketing specialist, technical writer and web editor at technology companies such as Kodak, Argus Technologies and Motion Works Online.

Tom is based on the West coast of Canada in the garden city of Victoria, British Columbia. His hobbies include adventure traveling -- his last trip was to East Africa -- as well as cycling, scuba diving and ice hockey. He is on the board of the Victoria Car Share.